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Data Provisioning

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Title: Data Provisioning

Number: WP04

Activity: Activity A2 Data provisioning and management

Activity leader:
Activity A2 Data provisioning and management Karl Aberer

Lead partner: UMA

Work package leader: Chris Bizer

Planet Data Vocabularies

  • Vocabularies for describing geodata GeoData
  • T4.1 Assembly and maintenance of the PlanetData data set catalogue (led by FUB)
    • T4.1.1 Current work on mostly-static datasets will be mainly based on CKAN and on the LOD2/LATC tools
    • T4.1.2 Generation of a real-time linked open data set (led by UPM, deadline: month 12). The following actions will be done:
      • Analyse the context of OGC Sensor Web Enablement, Pachube, Sensorbase, etc.
      • Survey datasets that provide those services (e.g., OGC SOS services, Pachube, datamarket, infochimps)
      • Propose a vocabulary, aligned with CKAN, DataOne proposals, etc., to describe sensor-based datasets. PlanetDataVocabulary
      • Provide ingestion tools to fill in the catalogue automatically from OGC SOS services, Pachube, etc.
  • T4.4. Data Provisioning Tools (led by UPM)

UPM made a public request through LOD and Semantic Web mailing lists, in Jan 2011, for mappings available in the community. The results obtained for this request were not too encouraging, and will try to get these mappings in some other manner. Work has been done as well on the generation of a mapping ontology (an ontology to describe mappings independently of their source format), extending the work done by Reveltyx.