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Dissemination and community building

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Title: Dissemination and community building

Number: WP07

Activity: Activity A3 Impact

Activity leader:
Activity A3 Impact Lyndon Nixon

Lead partner: STI2

Work package leader: Dieter Fensel

Partners and Effort

  • STI - 13 PM
  • UIBK - 12 PM
  • FORTH - 9 PM
  • KIT - 4 PM
  • EPFL - 2 PM
  • FUB - 2 PM
  • IJS - 2 PM


Dissemination activities in PlanetData:

  • Scientific conferences & events (e.g. ESWC, ESTC, FIS)
  • Academic events (e.g. Summer School)
  • PlanetData-themed workshops and tutorials
  • Outreach to Industry, via stakeholder forums and industry days
  • Liaisons with EC representatives
  • Public relations
  • Roadmapping
  • Press releases
  • Promotional materials
  • Web 2.0 dissemination

Community building activities in PlanetData:

  • Web 2.0 community
  • Public mailing list
  •  ?Community about PlanetData Lab

As impact leader, STI International offers:

  • Outreach to and involvement of STI member organisations
  • STI Industrial network
  • Social Web: YouTube, Facebook. Twitter etc.
  • Community Services & Tools which can be possibly be integrated into PlanetData website:
    • Wiki - technical information about semantic and service technology (a Wikipedia for our community)
    • Blog - real-time tracking of meetings, events, announcements with the photos/video/multimedia support
    • Showcases - semantic tools and applications
    • eChallenge portal Ð publish challenges and provide an infrastructure for others to submit solutions, a board to access and evaluate solutions, announce winners


New process in development

Dissemination workflow

Update on new dissemination concept File:Pd1.pdf result from the PlanetData Plenary meeting in Riga, Latvia on 4-5 July 2011.

New dissemination concept File:Pd.pdf & File:Pd.ppt result from the PlanetData meeting in Münich, Germany on 20 June 2011.

Dissemination concept result from the PlanetData meeting in Innsbrück, Austria on 28 February 2011.

  • The proposal is that Semantic Media Wiki is used as single point of publication of PD content, following guidelines for which wiki page to write to and with which (semantic) markup (KIT)
    • Content pushed to other dissemination channels as appropriate (Website (FORTH) and all other channels (STI))

Current process

Use the wiki page [1] as a means for partners to report all dissemination activities and plans, which serves further purposes:

  • (1) generating regular reports of PD dissemination for the Commission;
  • (2) comparing reported dissemination activity with claimed effort in the dissemination WP;
  • (3) supporting collaborative preparation by partners of future dissemination activities

Individual activities need to be transferred to the public channels, i.e. Web, Facebook, Twitter

  • (1) Publications -> webpage
  • (2) Presentations -> webpage
  • (3) Other -> highlight main stories and create a news item for the webpage

Using Twitterfeed, PD news items will be automatically republished via RSS by Twitter and Facebook.

Twitter should additionally be used by PD partners for real time events, e.g. tweeting during an activity.

Facebook should additionally be used to interact with PD "fans", e.g. quick surveys on requirements, data, services etc. among the community

Guidelines for news items:

please use short and eyecatching title with reference to the PlanetData account and optional use of tagwords, e.g. @PlanetData_NoE, and feel free to be more in-depth in the news content using photos and links where appropriate

Monthly confcall


T7.1 - Web presence (Lead: FORTH)

D7.1 - Web site online (FORTH) - M3

Website will use Drupal CMS which supports RDF; based on STI International Drupal instance and CSS layout, customized for PlanetData style/scheme Website will include sections/portals supporting the dataset, tools, sensor network, and vocabulary cataloguing results, as well as placeholders for the open training infrastructure & video journal

Re-Arranging and Re-Organizing The PlanetData Website result of the May 2011 confcall

T7.2 - Dissemination & Community Building (Lead: STI2)

  • D7.2 - PlanetData roadmap (STI2) - M6 - DONE
  • Open/planned dissemination tasks
    • (a) Fix dissemination concept, implement it and inform & help the partners to follow it
    • (b) Maintaining up to date the Dissemination activities on the wiki (collection, moderation)
    • (c) Ensuring correct generation of dissemination items to the other channels (correction, moderation) and capturing comments/feedback from those channels back to PlanetData
    • (d) Increased use and reach of Social Web tools and social networks like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube: increase number of connections, content sharing and embedding into other sites

Current internal cooperations (between partners/WPs/associate members) are collected at

T7.2 Task monitoring

For further dissemination activities please see

T7.3 - Standardization (Lead: UIBK)

Relevant standardization bodies are collected at Standardization.

Current standardization activities are collected at Standardization_activities.

T7.4 - Mobility program (Lead: KIT)

KIT to provide schedule for task actions: mobility program set-up and execution


Tutorial WWW Web of Things/ESWC

Semantic Days industry oriented "Big Linked Data"



Alexandra Moraru - JSI papers

FORTH - VLDB repair, SIGMOD access control, ESWC provenance, journal paper on access policies, parallel processing of large scale data management ISWC2012

KIT - AAAi query processing under review, EDBT grid computing, usage of vocabularies in LOD jourmal paper JWS, Poster ESWC

SINTEF - NLOD, Information Processing and Knowlede Management, applications paper later this year

UPM - 2nd review IJSW journal paper with EPFL, failure paper, benchmarking ISWC/ESWC, EKAW?

Submission to challenges

CEFRIEL - LDOW@WWW, LInkedLearning@WWWW, ISWC in use, Semantic Web challenge

CWI - SIGMOD Record, VLDB, EDBT paper with FORTH heuristics query processing, SIGMOD benchmark related rather to LOD2, paper on SR benchmark

EPFL - Model-based view management papers under review, journal submission on quality repair of sensor data, planned demo for ISWC2012 , Twitter - one more paper on Twitter combined with other sources of information

OU - System demo ParkMe ESWC

UIBK - publications