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Mobility program

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Proposal for the mobility program


organizations internal and external to PlanetData.


exchanges of variable length (e.g., 2 weeks to 6 months).


  • Sending institution asks for approval from the PMB.
  • Short proposal including description of the goal of the stay and prospected costs.
  • For core partners: 33% of the costs covered through PlanetData community budget, the rest by individual partners.
  • For associated partners: to be decided on a case to case basis.

Example calculation:

Eligible costs per exchange month: 2.500 €

Total costs per core partner (1 PM of exchange per year): 10.000 €

Total costs of exchanges: 90.000 € (does not include new core partners), 29.700 € from community budget, 60.300 € by individual partners.

Mobility completed

  • 2011, 20-Feb to 20-May: Jean Paul Calbimonte (UPM) visit to EPFL
  • 2011, 10-June to 01-July: Grigoris Antoniou (FORTH) visit to JSI
  • 2011, 06-Oct to 06-Jan-12: Jean Paul Calbimonte (UPM) visit to EPFL
  • 2012, January: Leonel Ruiz Miyares (Centre for Applied Linguistics, Cuban Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment) visit to STI Innsbruck
  • 2012, 01-Oct-11 to 31-Aug-12: Edna Ruckhaus (Universidad Simón Bolivar, Venezuela) visit to UPM