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Administrative and financial management +Administrative and financial management  +


Call1: NorthPole RTD +Call1: NorthPole RTD  +
Call1: ParkMe OTHER +Call1: ParkMe OTHER  +
Call1: ParkMe RDT +Call1: ParkMe RTD  +
Call1: UrbanGames MGT +Call1: UrbanGames MGT  +
Call1: UrbanGames OTHER +Call1: UrbanGames OTHER  +
Call1: UrbanGames RTD +Call1: UrbanGames RTD  +
Call2: ETIHQ Data Publishing and Linking +Call2: ETIHQ Data Publishing and Linking  +
Call2: ETIHQ Dissemination +Call2: ETIHQ Dissemination  +
Call2: ETIHQ Management +Call2: ETIHQ Management  +
Call2: ETIHQ Semantic Modeling +Call2: ETIHQ Semantic Modeling  +
Call2: ETIHQ System Development +Call2: ETIHQ System Development  +
Call2: Linked Map Dissemination +Call2: Linked Map Dissemination  +
Call2: Linked Map Linked data provisions +Call2: Linked Map Linked data provisions  +
Call2: Linked Map Management +Call2: Linked Map Management  +
Call2: Linked Map Platform integration&development +Call2: Linked Map Platform integration&development  +
Call2: Linked Map Quality&crowdsourcing experiments +Call2: Linked Map Quality&crowdsourcing experiments  +
Call2: Linked Map Read-write Lined data WMS framework +Call2: Linked Map Read-write Lined data WMS framework  +
Call2: Linked Map Requirement descriptions +Call2: Linked Map Requirement descriptions  +
Call2: Meta Reasons Metatheory development +Call2: Meta Reasons Metatheory development  +
Call2: Meta Reasons Prototype evaluation +Call2: Meta Reasons Prototype evaluation  +
Call2: Meta Reasons Prototype implementation +Call2: Meta Reasons Prototype implementation  +
Call2: Quadapt Concept and Design +Call2: Quadapt Concept and Design  +
Call2: Quadapt Evaluation +Call2: Quadapt Evaluation  +
Call2: Quadapt Implementation +Call2: Quadapt Implementation  +
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